Work With Us

Photo of handshakeHealth Now provide high quality clinical services to the NHS and deliver it markedly below NHS tariff. We do this every single day, all whilst delivering the highest standards of clinical excellence and adhering to our core social value working principles.

Our NHS partners are committed to the same set of principles, and so our mission is to support our partners within the NHS and collaboratively achieve the highest possible success rates under an innovative and sustainable model of delivery.

Our social values are designed to increase equality, improve wellbeing, and increase environmental sustainability. How we do this is bespoke to each NHS partner we work with. What is consistent across all of our clients is that we always put the patient’s / individual’s health and wellbeing at the centre of everything we do.

It is not just our ethical approach to working that attracts our clients to partner with us, but also our clinical expertise and desire to constantly innovate and push the boundaries of ‘the norm’ to improve the lives of everyone.

Join Our Team

Photo of clinical teamWe are always looking to grow our team and find clinicians that align with our values above.

If you are looking for flexible working then we have opportunities all over the UK with a dedicated team on hand 7 days a week to help then we want to hear from you.

We take pride in our team and all that they do to help reduce the NHS backlog and bring waiting times back to the 18 week targets.

All of the valuable clinicians that work with us benefit from the following:

  • Flexible working as we manage rotas
  • Market leading rates of pay
  • Dedicated staff available 7 days a week to help
  • Weekly payments
  • Quick and easy registration
  • Peer-to-peer learning
  • Local working arrangements (encouraging a good WorkLife balance)

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Clinical Positions

We will update this section with the availability that we have for clinicians across the country. Please see a list of our available positions below and please note we can only accept applications from UK applicants:

  • Clinical Nurse Endoscopists – UK Wide
  • Echocardiographers – UK Wide
  • Endoscopists – UK Wide
  • Endoscopy RGNs – UK Wide
  • Endoscopy HCSW/Decontamination Technicians – UK Wide
  • Consultant Radiologists – UK Wide
  • HCAs – Bristol, Weekend Shifts (Experience in chaperoning, preparing the room, decontamination)
  • Radiographers – UK Wide
  • Reporting Radiographers – UK Wide
  • Sonographers – Bristol, Weekend Shifts (HCPC registered, case accredited university, a minimum of a years’ experience working in the NHS)

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Internal Positions

We also have the following openings internally.

  • Clinical Insourcing Sales Consultant
  • Mental Health Manager

If you would like to apply to work with us at Health Now please click below:

Why work with us

There are many reasons as to why we are such a good fit to work with the NHS and health and social care organisations, some of these include:

Net-Zero Targets

  • NReduced consumption and waste, we follow a sound environmental management policy and have achieved ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System)
  • NReduced emissions as we do not own any company vehicles and encourage use of public transport, bikes, and of course walking for local staff
  • NReduced carbon footprint, unless face-to-face is required by clients, office staff are encouraged to work from home
  • NWe source the highest qualified clinical staff living near the client site
Photo of cyclist commuting to work

Clinical Excellence

  • NSenior clinical leads across all medical specialities
  • NAll services overseen by a clinical governance panel
  • NImproved diagnosis and treatment outcomes
  • NRedesign of clinical pathways based on clinical expertise
  • NPeer review across senior clinical specialists
  • NDaily audit of all clinical work, highlighting outliers
  • NReduced usage of unnecessary diagnostics

Reduced Inpatient Stay

  • NGuaranteed patient waiting list initiatives to rapidly reduce lists
  • NHigh productivity levels exceeding NHS performance by up to 15%
  • N7-day a week consultant and nurse local resource
  • NCoordination with carers and nursing homes
  • NVirtual ward and telehealth service

Integrated Health

  • NIntegrated primary care and community care solutions
  • NSeamless clinical pathways from primary to secondary care
  • NTelehealth support for patient throughout treatment journey
  • NPartnering with ICB’s, ICP’s, Provider Collaboratives and Trusts
  • NFacilitating NHS, local councils, community, and voluntary organisations to support individual needs
  • NMulti-specialist clinical insourcing service for NHS Trust partners

Community Healthcare

  • NWe provide a range of clinical solutions to target local health needs
  • NProvision of Community Diagnostic Hubs with clinical staffing
  • NDesign of health promotion initiatives which are bespoke to each community
  • NTelehealth facility for patients with mobility issues
  • NLocal delivery of mental health services


  • NConsultants focused on evidence-based practice innovations
  • NUnique clinical insourcing provider with its own established medical recruitment arm
  • NMaximising NHS estate through collaborations with modular construction providers and providing the staff to fill them
  • NWe hire exceptional employees, who are continually encouraged to think outside the box and ‘problem solve’ for our clients
  • NWe develop relationships across primary, secondary, and social care, to improve the patient experience, provide a more seamless service and encourage different sectors / stakeholders to work together
  • NData analytical tools across the business to shape solutions and future strategy

Economic Inequalities

  • NWe create work and training opportunities for local people, where possible ensuring employment is permanent (to provide security) and local (to reduce carbon footprint)
  • NOpportunities for all are encouraged, we actively create roles for individuals with disabilities or chronic health conditions
  • NReduced carbon footprint, unless face-to-face is required by clients, office staff are encouraged to work from home
  • NWe pay salaries above national averages and provide financial emergency assistance when required