Echocardiography Insourcing

Health Now help with the back log of echocardiograms by providing an insourcing service. This means we will come in and maximise the use of your facilities and can even provide additional staff on evenings and weekends to fully utilise your equipment. This efficiency allows more patients to be scanned and diagnosed as early as possible and for the backlog to be cleared.

Patient getting Echocardiogram

Introducing Dr Francesco Lo Monaco

Dr Francesco Lo Monaco is our Clinical Lead for cardiology at Health Now. Dr Lo Monaco is an award-winning cardiologist with a career that spans almost 30 years working in Europe, the US and now, London. 

In this video Dr Lo Monaco explains how Health Now help NHS trusts clear the back log of echocardiograms.

Why Choose Health Now?

Health Now can offer services across the following specialities:

  • Cath Lab
  • Pacing
  • CRM
  • Echo
  • Stress Echo

Maximise Your Facilities

Health Now provide a comprehensive insourcing service and can help you with your backlog. Our eminent clinicians can support your department day to day, in the evenings, even on weekends.

Our service maximises the use of your facilities so that more patients can be seen and diagnosed early, allowing for the backlog to clear.

Why Choose Health Now?

Clinical Teams

Health Now prides itself on quality. Our internal clinical teams, frequently deployed immediately following contract setup, are all heavily vetted and inducted into the internal Health Now Clinical Team by our highly regarded and nationally known clinical leads.

Clinical Excellence

We have senior clinical leads across all medical specialities, all with NHS affiliations or backgrounds and extensive knowledge of local hospitals. All services are overseen by a stringent clinical governance panel and where medically possible, our leads are encouraged to design or improve clinical pathways which improve the patient experience and achieve real cost value to the NHS.

Management Reporting

We believe the accurate recording of data is fundamental in ensuring our clients can make timely and accurate management decisions. We put in place, sophisticated monitoring tools, that capture daily; financial, clinical and operational effectiveness.

Strong Governance

Our clinical governance framework ensures that we always maintain patient centric, high-quality care through rigorous service scrutiny, oversight, and performance management.

Rapid Deployment of Services

We are unique in that we have a sister company that specialises in the recruitment of clinical staff at all levels across the NHS. This immediate access to local fully trained staff means we can deploy services far more quickly than other providers.


We deliver a first-class service markedly below NHS tariff. All costs are identified and agreed prior to commencement of work. Not only do we commit to competitive rates, but we also identify ways to save our clients’ money during projects, for example, by, improving patient pathways, increasing clinic hours, and increasing productivity.

Reduced Management and Administration

We deliver an end-to-end solution, from service mobilisation to delivery, through our highly trained management teams. Supporting these teams are our highly valued administration staff who take responsibility for booking and scheduling.

How can we help your backlog?

Have one of our professional advisors contact you about your requirements and hear how we can assist with your Trusts backlog.