Our Mission

We’re passionate about delivering high quality clinical services through innovative, sustainable, and ethical ways, with a commitment to patients by reducing NHS costs and tackling waiting lists.

How are Health Now helping clear the back log within the NHS?

In this video, our clinical lead for cardiology, Dr Francesco Lo Monaco, explains how we are helping to clear the back log within the NHS using clinical insourcing.

Our Services

Clinical Insourcing

We provide exceptional clinical delivery to the NHS through operating a patient-centred model of clinical insourcing that reduces waiting lists, improves patient access, and provides real savings to the NHS.

The elective care treatment areas where we provide clinical insourcing services, include:

Photo of hospital staff
  • NOrthopaedics
  • NOphthalmology
  • NGastroenterology
  • NUrology
  • NGynaecology
  • NCardiology
  • NDermatology
  • NGeneral surgery
  • NCardiothoracic surgery
  • NRheumatology
  • NENT
  • NRadiology
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Additional Key Services

  • NCDCs
  • NSurgical Hubs
  • NMental Health Services
Mental Health Services

We provide fully qualified, experienced mental health clinicians to work with the NHS, charities, local organisations, and local authorities to support and care for individuals experiencing mental health problems.

Community Diagnostics

Our provision of a first-class Community Diagnostic Centre (CDC) service allows for crucial tests to be available to patients within their own communities.


Health Now provide high quality clinical services to the NHS and deliver it markedly below NHS tariff. We do this every single day, all whilst delivering the highest standards of clinical excellence and adhering to our core social value working principles.

Our NHS partners are committed to the same set of principles, and so our mission is to support our partners within the NHS and collaboratively achieve the highest possible success rates under an innovative and sustainable model of delivery.

Our social values are designed to increase equality, improve wellbeing, and increase environmental sustainability. How we do this is bespoke to each NHS partner we work with. What is consistent across all of our clients is that we always put the patient’s / individual’s health and wellbeing at the centre of everything we do.

It is not just our ethical approach to working that attracts our clients to partner with us, but also our clinical expertise and desire to constantly innovate and push the boundaries of ‘the norm’ to improve the lives of everyone.

Frameworks we’re on 

NHS Shared Business Services: Insourcing of Clinical Support Services
NHS Workforce Alliance: Insourced Services to Support the Provision of Healthcare. Ref: RM6276
NHS Wales Framework for Insourcing/Outsourcing of Clinical/Surgical/Diagnostic Procedures


  • NISO 9001 - Quality Management
  • NISO 14001 - Environmental Management
  • NISO 22301 - Business Continuity
  • NISO 27001 - Information Technology
  • NCyber Essentials
  • NICO

    Benefits of Partnering With Us


    As an approved framework supplier to the NHS we supply the clinicians who help keep the nation healthy. Please see below some of the many advantages of partnering with us.


    Real-Time Monitoring

    Sophisticated real-time IT monitoring tools, capturing daily; financial, clinical, and operational effectiveness.

    Clinical Directors

    Highly experienced Clinical Directors, covering all major clinical specialisms.

    Medical Pathways

    Redesign of medical pathways in partnership with NHS Trust Clinical Leads.

    Reduce Waiting Lists

    Guaranteed patient waiting list initiatives to rapidly reduce lists.


    A bespoke package designed to meet all of your requirements.


    24 hour access to Health Now ensures business and service continuity.

    Clinical Protocols

    Peer-to-peer verification of correct clinical protocols.

    Guaranteed Rates

    Guaranteed rates agreed upon contract set up ensuring peace of mind throughout the contract.

    Extensive Knowledge

    Experienced clinical staff, all with NHS affiliations or backgrounds – Extensive knowledge of local hospitals.

    High Productivity

    High productivity levels exceeding NHS performance by up to 15%.

    Multi-Specialty Support

    Experienced support services across all clinical specialities.

    Service Extension

    We have rapid solutions to increase capacity as required.

    Modular Services

    Fast-track surgical hub and CDC construction through established strategic construction partners (staffed by our clinicians).

    Patient Satisfaction

    Improved patient outcomes and client/patient satisfaction levels.

    Quality Assurance

    Full quality assurance completed in advance for all of our team who are constantly under review to ensure no patient recalls happen.


    Experienced and accredited workforce with proven track records.

    Virtual Ward

    Virtual Ward service in partnership with a reputable NHS provider of software.

    Telehealth Service

    Telehealth service for the community, primary care, and pre- and post-op patients.

    Encrypted Mailing

    Secure, encrypted mailing, ensuring patient confidentiality at all times.

    Patient Support

    An integrated healthcare service that supports the patient throughout their journey.

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