Our Mental Health Service

With increasing pressures on mental health services within the NHS, there has become an urgent need for external agencies to provide safe, efficient, quality support services that are value for money and strive for better outcomes for service users.

Health Now was founded in 2021 with a singular mission: to collaborate with mental health services ensuring the timely discharge of individuals to the community. We work in partnership with local authorities and Integrated Care Boards (ICBs) to provide tailored support within hospital or home settings. We have access to experts across the healthcare sector offering individualised bespoke packages of care, with the aim to reduce risk and increase the quality of life of the individuals who we
support. Our services encompass a range of needs, from day-to-day support, providing higher level 24/7 care, to occupational therapy or psychological interventions and behaviour support plans for both young people and adults facing mental or cognitive health challenges.

We can support those who have a primary mental health need however our expertise extends to individuals including, but are not limited to; neurodevelopmental disorder, brain injuries, learning disabilities, and challenging behaviours. We also accommodate those with comorbidities or complex physical care needs, subject to our acceptance criteria. Whether temporary or long-term, Health Now delivers compassionate care within homes, hospitals or local authority provided accommodation.

Using a Consistent Evidence Based Approach

We provide an end-to-end service comprising of:

Who do we support?

We are specialists in Mental Health but we can support a wide range of needs including, but not limited to;

  • Individuals with single or multiple Mental Health diagnoses
  • Brain Injury
  • Challenging Behaviours
  • Learning disabilities
  • Neurodevelopment Disorder

We conduct comprehensive assessments in collaboration with individuals, their care teams, families, and carers, led by our clinical experts. Our transitional support plans ensure seamless
access to our services. In addition, we offer ad-hoc assessments and interventions, including Occupational Therapy, Positive Behaviour Support planning, and Speech and Language
assessments amongst other solutions.

Health Now provides individualised care packages for young people (over the age of 13) and adults (up to the age of 65) requiring community support for mental or cognitive health
challenges. We accept individuals with comorbidities, subject to our acceptance criteria.

Due to the expertise available to us, and our Trauma-Informed approach, we can provide support to those with higher level and complex needs.

Nursing-Led Care

We provide care packages, supervised by Registered Nurses, ensuring service users receive the highest level of person-centric care, tailored to their individual needs.

Our highly skilled nurses conduct thorough assessments, supervise support staff, and collaborate with the wider multi-disciplinary team to review care plans and risk assessments. Our qualified nurses adhere to strict guidelines, ensuring accountability and professionalism who lead Positive
Behaviour Support and Trauma-Informed interventions, which further enhances the quality of care


At Health Now, we believe the best place for people to recover is at home. We aim to provide secure, safe and effective care within people’s own homes or local authority sourced accommodation.

With our team of Occupational Therapists, we can conduct site surveys as part of the overall initial assessment ensuring the service is set up correctly from the start of the placement. We can make recommendations on reasonable adjustments to the home to ensure service users can stay where they feel most comfortable and secure. We will source the necessary equipment required to manage their support and with our highly trained team of professionals, we will offer the very best solutions to keep people within the community they know and love.

Crisis Support

Health Now prioritises flexibility and adaptability to cater to the unique needs of service users. Our services are available as short-term and interim solutions for crisis intervention, providing crucial support to stabilise the well-being of individuals facing placement breakdowns or transitional challenges. We understand the importance of seamless transitions and offer responsive interventions to ensure the continuity of care for service users during critical periods of transition. Therefore, we can offer initial assessment and decisions on care and support within 72 hours and have staff in place within 24 hours of accepting the referral.

Respite Care

We specialise in delivering personalised support to the meet the unique needs of multiple diagnosis or complex support needs. Our respite care services are designed to provide much-needed relief for both individuals and their caregivers, thereby reducing the risk of placement breakdown. Whether in the comfort of their own home, within the community, or through overnight stays facilitated in collaboration with local authorities, we ensure flexible and comprehensive support solutions to meet the diverse needs of those we serve.

Our Staff

At Health Now, the safety and well-being of our service users is paramount. We adhere to
stringent recruitment standards following Safer Recruitment guidelines, conducting thorough
vetting checks and compliance processes aligned with NHS Employment Standards and CQC

Our workforce comprises of NMC registered nurses who undergo continuous professional
development and support workers who are all specialised in mental health and learning
disabilities. All support staff are required to complete a Care Certificate.

Led by our Head of Clinical Services and Registered Manager, a qualified registered nurse since
2015, our staff receive tailored supervision and training, enabling them to deliver personalised
care using a Positive Behaviour Support and Trauma-Informed approach. We are committed to
upholding NHS framework standards, ensuring the highest quality of care for complex and
vulnerable individuals.

Contact us

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